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Saturday, 25 June 2011

180 - Tamil Movie

Cast : Siddharth, Priya Anand & Nithya Menon

First of all Thanks to Jayandra for making a city based movie in Tamil.  No mass opening for Hero/Heroine(s) entry.  No punch dialogues. Siddartha entry to Kashi town is entry for the movie too, where he meets a cute child who takes life too easy.  From Kashi, Hero goes to Chennai. He was searching for a new house to stay in Chennai for six months i.e., 180 days, the reason for the title.  In chennai he is befriending with street children and he realised he need to do some favor for them in their life. In the mean while he meets a journalist who later help these kids to get some sponsors for their education. Impressed with all his heroics, she fall in love with Hero. By the mean time, hero's 180 are over in chennai and he tries to go to a new place. Nithya Menon falls in love with Siddarth.

When Heroine came to know that he is leaving chennai, she chases him and met with an accident. She's badly injured and she has to get treatment in US.

In Flash back, Siddarth is a doctor working in US, already married to Priya Anand. Their romance in US reminded me the places of Guatham Menon's VTV, Varanam Aayiram etc., A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, which initiates the love between Siddarth & Pirya Anand. After Siddarth falls in love with Priya Anand, their marriage got arranged by their parents. They are married happily.  Twist in the story.  Siddarth came to know that he is a cancer patient and is counting the days(6 months - 180 days). So he lost his faith in life and this makes Priya Anand too worried. He writes a will and made an arrangement in such a way that he committed suicide and flies back to India.

For Nithya Menon's treatment he comes back to his hospital and there Nithya Menon recovers from her injury and Siddarth send her to India rejecting her love.  Then he decides to see Priya Anand.

Climax : What happened to Siddarth & Priya Menon is the climax. Watch the movie in theatre.

Music : Sharreth's Melody are pleasing to hear.  Direction : Jayendra, debutant director - The way movie is presented is awesome. Direcotor of Photography : Balasubramaniem, Kudos to camera man. Awesome photography. His camera capurted already beatiful San Francisco in more beautiful way. Especially San Franciso night's photography is awesome. Even songs are pictured beautifully, Kudos again to Balasubramanieum. Rules Kidaiyathu song is the ultimate work for camera. I have seen Priay Anand in other movies, but Bala's camera makes her beautiful from her older movies.

Siddarth : From "Boys" he is matured more as an actor. Please do more Tamil movies so that Tamil audience will rememeber you more.  One more chocalate hero is now for competition in Tamil Industry. Heroines did their part well in the movie as do those street kids.  As a typical south indian, me too great fan of Filter coffee. I don't know why this movie relates to the book "who will cry when you die" of Robin Sharma.

I can't put this movie in the likes of Alaipayuthe, Minnale etc., still this movie is more pleasing to my eyes :) Its about a Hi-fi youth's journey in his life where he always do good to others.

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